Bat Control Shelby Township

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Our bat removal experts recently did a home inspection in Shelby Township, Michigan. They were able to find the feces pictured along a ridge vent that bats and possibly mice were using to access the home. We will inspect the entire roof to ensure we find every area that the bats are using to get into your home. Our professional bat control specialists will leave no “stone unturned”. We are also proud to offer free competitive quotes. We will not expect you to pay again for us to tell you what it will take to get it done. (up to $125 value)

We offer live bat removal in Shelby Township and the surrounding areas. We never use bat poisons or traps. We allow the bats to leave through one way doors placed strategically on your home or business. They will be excluded from your home and after we have ensured the entire bat colony has been removed from your attic we will seal the one way doors as well. Our professional bat removal service is backed by a 5 year guarantee and will ensure the bat removal is done humanely and efficiently. Call us today for more information.